A Technology Transaction and Commercial Law Firm

specializing in technology and licensing transactions and general corporate services for developing companies.

Experience, Innovation, Real-time Response and Business Focus! Combines large law firm and major high-tech company experience with personal service.

Awesome…Just Awesome 

– Ben Carpenter

   Momentua Inc.

When I want it done right and I want it done now, Angela is the lawyer I use. She understands our business, closes our deals quickly and demands that our legal interests are protected in every deal. I trust her with our most complex business transactions. I rely on Angela for keen business insight and legal knowledge, for solid, well-crafted transactions, for the best legal protections and to conduct negotiations that will get the most for Bell every time.  

– Andrew Hughes

   Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
   Bell Microproducts

Angela is a supremely skilled attorney with extensive legal background in software licensing, procurement, sales and all other types of high tech transactions. Angela quickly learned and now possesses a broad understanding of our company policies and approval procedures and is highly effective in working with our business unit teams. Angela is very sensitive to deadlines and is able to complete transactions effectively and efficiently without compromising quality or risk. She is a valued extension of my in-house team and I can always rely on her to analyze the most complex transactions and transform them into business opportunities for Marvell. Angela is so reliable and dependable that, often times, my business teams, including vice presidents, ask for her by name.  

– Sal Torres, Esq.

   Director, Commercial Transactions Group
  & Managing Corporate Counsel
   M A R V E L L

Tail-f always counts on Angela for sound legal advice and guidance. We are pleased that she can draft and negotiate agreements which accomplish our business objectives while protecting us from liability. Angela's outstanding responsiveness is unique and most valuable for our business. 

– Urban Lindegren

   Vice President, Sales
   Tail-f Systems AB